DORA tests Door-to-Door mobility services for Air passengers between Berlin and Palma de Mallorca

Are you looking for a hassle-free and predictable travel? Do you spend most of your time in transits instead of exploring touristic places? Are you often worried about missing the next travel connection during trips? Is it challenging to move inside airports and navigate your way to the flight gates? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then ‘DORA’ is perfect for you. DORA innately combines information on flights, all modes of urban transport and provides navigation in the airports all in one mobile application. It helps in planning, routing, assisting and guiding passengers from door-to-door in Europe in a real-time environment.

DORA offers a platform where every passenger can optimize his/her travelling route and time by filtering the results related to specific desires (cheaper, faster etc.) and limitations (e.g. moving by wheelchair). Customer can set default settings: where to?, when?, and how? DORA provide trip recommendations related to passengers’ wishes. The test platform will include the most common public transport modes and the information related to navigation inside airports. The application will give route information and provide real time information related to changes, incidents and delays that may change the optimal route on passengers’ way.

The DORA system is going to be available in a public live trial on the route between Berlin and Palma de Mallorca for starting in August 2017. This specific route is perfect for trial since it has many people traveling for holidays, constant business travellers and commuters, and availability of advanced mobility options at both ends. Travelers between these two cities are invited to try out and experiment with the app available on Android, iOS and desktop versions. Anyone can download it to his/her device from the app store by searching DoraApp. It is a great opportunity to be part of a European research aiming to make mobility effortless and efficient for all. The feedback from the first 500 users is even guaranteed with attractive rewards. For more information on the test, check

DORA is a three years EU Horizon 2020 funded project that started in June 2015. The project designs and establishes an integrated information system to help passengers to optimize their travelling time from their home door to the final destination. The project is coordinated by Eurescom and has 13 participants from five different countries including partners from Germany (VMZ, FBB, TU Berlin, SenUVK and VBB), Spain (ETRA, AENA, UPVLC, CPM and EMT), France (EUREVA), Greece (CSE) and Finland (LUT).

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