In November 2018 after the 3,5 years DORA project duration the final review was held in Brussels. DORA achieved its overall goal to optimize and reduce the total travel time of air passengers. The POMr xxy appreciated, the established overall DORA framework has a high exploitation potential. He thanked the DORA team and the Project Coordinator Halid Hransnica for the excellent work.

To continue and to really take off a must is to reach a critical mass of customers, users, solution providers, etc. which are required to work together and become profitable and ready to compete with large players world-wide. Therefore, the DORA project consortium has established DORA FORUM to promote outcomes of the project and move towards wide exploitation of the project results by establishing synergies with relevant stakeholders around Europe.

The DORA FORUM is a platform for organizations interested in promoting and advancing door-to-door information solutions and everyone is invited to join us!

 To explore why this forum is needed, what are its goals, who and why should join, please, visit the DORA FORUM website at


DORA – Final Review Meeting

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