Project DORA will be showcased in TRA 2018 European Commission (EC) Booth. Project DORA has designed and established an integrated information system that helps air passengers to optimise their travel from the origin of their travel to the airplane at the departing airport as well as from the arrival airport to their final destination. To ensure this the DORA system provides mobile, seamless, and time optimised route recommendations for travels to the airport and routing within the airports, leading the passengers through terminals via security checkpoints to departure gates. DORA integrates all the necessary real time information on disruptions in the land transport environments and on incidents within the airport terminals to provide the fastest route alternatives, ensuring the accessibility of airport and airplane at any time in accordance with individual passengers’ requirements. The DORA system is designed in a generic way and provides software development templates and open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to ensure that it can be widely adopted independently from passengers and airports locations.

In TRA2018 EC booth, Project DORA will present the status, including the adopted technical solution and trial announcements between cities of Berlin and Palma. Information on DORA integrated information system that is created within the project together with necessary software platforms and end user applications will be presented. In addition, the DORA smart devices application “DORAApp” will be available for visitors to experience the user interface and functionality.

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