Hey! We have this cool app coming, DORA.  Have you heard about it?

I have to say, I am really excited! Dora project is going on and many things are happening within project stakeholders around Europe. Something really cool is going to be established – DORA.

The 4th plenary meeting of Dora project was held in Valencia 11st and 12nd of May. The meeting gathered project partners together to have an update about the situation of the project and discuss about the next steps.  The meeting was hosted by Etra, who is one of project’s industry partners. Thank you Etra and wonderful Valencia!


In the meeting there were present over 20 international experts all with the same goal – to develop an app for you! A platform that will help you in optimizing your journey from your home door to your final destination. Smoot, seamless & fast traveling, sounds nice?


“I wish I would have Dora”

The project has changed already my traveling experience. Since I joined to the project, I have started to look traveling with a bit different perspective. When waiting my connection flight to departure in Frankfurt airport, especially navigating inside the airport caught my attention. Many times I found myself to dream about Dora and help that it would provide me for finding special services or for example place to fill my water bottle.


Also using public transport may be confusing in a foreign city. I have many times ended up to walk from place A to place B instead of trying to guess right bus stop or finding place to purchase tickets. Certainly getting a lot of exercise is good, but sometimes (especially when it’s raining) Dora could help in reducing time needed for traveling offer significant help for example in purchasing tickets (and help your feet to get dry). Also you may have a colleague who is not that into walking…


Luckily, soon we will have an answer to our needs! The development work is going on and I can´t wait to tell you more in the near future.

Stay tuned!