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The DORA FORUM is a platform for organizations interested in promoting and advancing door-to-door information solutions.

It is based on the results of Horizon 2020 project DORA – Door to Door Information for Airports and Airlines (2015-2018), which created a real-time routing service for reducing the travel time of air passengers.

Why is this forum needed?

The DORA FORUM has been established to promote outcomes of the DORA project and move towards wide exploitation of the project results by establishing synergies with relevant stakeholders around Europe. The overall DORA framework has a high exploitation potential, but to really take off a must is to reach a critical mass of customers, users, solution providers, etc. which are required to work together and become profitable and ready to compete with large players world-wide. A target of the DORA FORUM is to establish a larger Community, involving further relevant stakeholders and expand activities around initial DORA offer, in order to create momentum for the DORA concepts and solutions as well as to enable a continued and expanded dialogue between potential actors around the DORA value chain.

Who should join the FORUM and Why?

The DORA FORUM is open for all interested stakeholders:

  • Airport operators and Airlines
  • Public transport organizations
  • Municipal administrations / transport and urban development departments
  • Mobility solution providers
  • Mobility app developers

, but not limited only to these, which are ready to benefit from various FORUM activities, such as:

  • Opportunity to find out about new solutions in door-to-door transport information
  • Opportunity to influence the solutions in dialogue with providers
  • Networking with. peers and exchange of best practices
  • Access to potential customers
  • Networking with other solution providers
  • Collaboration opportunities for scaling up solutions

The DORA Offer

Besides the entire DORA solution, developed and piloted within the DORA project to cover entire mobility chain for air travelers from their origin of travel to and from airports  and through airport buildings considering all specifics of the air travels, the DORA framework can be tailored in accordance of specific needs of particular business actors:

  • DORA for Airports – for optimization of travel to/from particular airports and within terminals
  • DORA for Airlines – for travel optimization considering specific needs of airlines
  • DORA for Cities and Regions – for landside door-to-door travel optimization (with or without airports)

DORA for Citizens and New Ideas– based on DORA project experience in investigating, implementing, and testing solutions for in-door localization and routing services within airport terminals, the same approach can be applied to any kind of complex buildings, where various Door-to-Door solutions might be applied, e.g. Door-to-Shop/mall, Door-to-Administrative Office, Door to stadium or concert hall, etc.

Furthermore, the DORA FORUM is open for exchange of experience among its members in implementing and deploying the related mobility solutions, in or der to enlarge knowledge and partners’ expertizes. The DORA FORUM is also seeking to establish new partnerships with other relevant initiatives and projects, to enable wide discussions on future of mobility and jointly organize public events promoting research and innovation activities in the area.

FORUM Governance and Time Plan

The DORA FORUM has been established by the DORA project consortium members and is operated by Eurescom GmbH, on behalf of the project consortium until end of 2018, providing also a DORA FORUM secretariat. During this period, all major decisions on the FORUM activities will be made by the DORA consortium members in accordance with the internal project decision making processes. Beginning of 2019, the DORA FORUM will be governed by DORA consortium members who express interest and willingness to actively contribute to the FORUM activities together with the FORUM secretariat (Eurescom), becoming so-called Core DORA FORUM members.

The DORA FORUM is open for participation by any interested organization, willing to register and with it becoming a DORA FORUM member. Latest until mid of 2019, the Core FORUM members will propose a governance model for the DORA FORUM to all members, who will need to approve it with at least simple majority. Until establishment of the DORA FORUM Governance Model, the core FORUM members will be in charge of making all related decisions, including establishment of cooperation with other initiatives and closing operation of the FORUM.

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