Deliverable No. Deliverable name Nature Dissemination Level Delivery Date (project month) Abstract
D2.1Market analysis reportRPU3Abstract
D2.2Users groups and mobility profilesRPU3Abstract
D2.3Use cases manualRPU7Abstract
D2.4Technical and legal requirementsRPU9Abstract
D3.1Initial specification of DORA ArchitectureRPU6Abstract
D3.2DORA ArchitectureRPU10Abstract
D3.3DORA Service SpecificationRPU12Abstract
D3.4Specification of DORA ApplicationsRPUAbstract
D3.5Analysis of Suitable Cooperation & Business modelsRPU18Abstract
D4.6Integration reportRPU24
D5.1Intermediate Pilot implementation planRPU21Abstract
D5.2Pilot implementation planRPU27
D5.3Report on pilot executionRPU35
D6.1Evaluation planRPU9Abstract
D6.2Technical Evaluation and Assessment reportRPU30
D6.3Usability Assessment reportRPU24Abstract
D6.4Final evaluation reportRPU36
D7.1Awareness and dissemination strategyRPU3Abstract
D7.2Updated dissemination plan and database of dissemination activities for year 1RPU12Abstract
D7.3Updated dissemination plan and database of dissemination activities for year 2RPU24Abstract
D7.4Database of dissemination activities for entire projectRPU36
D7.5Pilot showcase at Berlin Airport and PMIDPU36
D7.7Project websiteRPU3Abstract
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