In the project, the DORA system will be implemented and tested in realistic environments involving the cities of Berlin and Palma de Mallorca as well as their corresponding airports in both cities with involvement of approx. 500 real end users – passengers – in the trials. To support the passengers’ route optimisation, the DORA project will investigate and design technologies for recognition of waiting queues and indoor location services in airports, which will be integrated into the DORA system and tested within the project trials. Furthermore, the project will analyse usability of the provided solution from the perspective of the end users and other relevant stakeholders, by considering potential benefits for various stakeholder groups and related impacts, perform a technical evaluation of the overall solution including performance evaluation of the system, and investigate business perspectives of the DORA system.


Planning for the major DORA milestones is presented below:

  1. Draft definition of DORA use cases and initial specification of DORA architecture – November 2015
  2. Final specification of DORA system – May 2016
  3. Basic software components in development ready – January 2017
  4. Integrated DORA system ready – May 2017
  5. Technical evaluation of DORA system completed – November 2017
  6. Final evaluation of DORA system completed – May 2018
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