DORA – Door to Door Information for Airports and Airlines

Creating real-time routing service – to reduce travel time of air passengers

Mission, goals, and challenges

Smart phone traveler application


Typical air traveler scenario
using the DORA service

Video on DORA user scenario

DORA Project achieved its Goals

The DORA project has been finished in September 2018 by achieving its overall goal to optimize and reduce the total travel time of air passengers.
To ensure it, the DORA project designed a seamless and integrated information system that helps to plan an air travel and optimizes the travel time from the origin of a trip to the airplane at the departing airport as well as from the arrival airport to the final destination of the journey, independently of possible land traffic disruptions or congestions at airports.


The DORA designed a smart phone application providing a single point of visualization of the overall trip relieving travelers from the need to collect information manually from different and heterogeneous sources. The DORA APP provide mobile, seamless, and time optimized route recommendations for travels to/from airports and within airport buildings, leading the passengers through terminals to the right check-inn counters, security checkpoints, departure gates, etc.

The entire DORA integrated system has been implemented in regions of Berlina and Palma de Mallorca, including airports in both cities, and successfully tested by real air passengers traveling between these two cities, who provided feedback on usability and impact of the DORA approach. During the project life time, around 1,000 users experienced features of the DORA integrated system by using the DORA smart phone APP.

DORA Forum

The DORA project has established the DORA FORUM to promote outcomes of the project and move towards wide exploitation of the project results by establishing synergies with relevant stakeholders around Europe.

The established overall DORA framework has a high exploitation potential, but to really take off a must is to reach a critical mass of customers, users, solution providers, etc. which are required to work together and become profitable and ready to compete with large players world-wide. A target of the DORA FORUM is to establish a larger Community, involving further relevant stakeholders and expand activities around initial DORA offer defined by the project consortium members.

To learn more about the FORUM and gather related background information, explore the DORA results and offer, and join our activities, please, visit the DORA FORUM website

DORA is a three years Research and Innovation action / project under the EU programme Horizon 2020 (Grant Agreement no. 635885, EC funding of 4,682,895€) started on 1 June 2015.

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